From the Assistant's Point of View: Ron Whitcomb Q&A

August 5, 2015

Old Dominion quarterbacks coach and pass game coordinator Ron Whitcomb begins his ninth season with the Monarchs. recently sat down with his to discuss his coaching career, the state of the Monarchs and more.

Q: How and why did you get into coaching?
RW: My introduction to coaching was very quick. Coach Wilder sat me down for my post-season interview as a player and told me he was a candidate for several FCS head coaching jobs and he if he got one if I had an interest in being a coach. Old Dominion worked out and three months after my playing career ended I was the quarterbacks coach at Old Dominion.

Q: You've been at Old Dominion for nine years. Did you think it would become what it is so fast?
RW: As soon as I got here I knew what an unbelievable opportunity this University had to become a special football program. I do remember early on I couldn't fathom a day where we were actually going to play in the CAA. I started in 2007 and playing that first season of CAA in 2011 seemed so far out, and now we're so far beyond that.

Q: What has the move to Conference USA done for the program?
RW: I don't think I personally realized how awesome of an opportunity Conference USA was, just the national brand and how good of football it is.  These are good football programs. I think it has raised the bar of the level of football we're playing.

Q: Can you sum up Taylor's career and what he did for Old Dominion?
RW: Everybody knows all of his accomplishments but when he and I step back, I think the maturity that he had to basically go through three separate transitions. He transitioned us into the CAA, the best FCS conference, into a very unique 2013 season and being full-fledged C-USA last year, and he kept us together. That doesn't give all the credit to him, but I don't think anybody could say that if there was one person keeping things together, he did it. He did it in a really mature fashion. It wasn't all flash and easy, and it stats didn't always go up.

Q: ODU has had two very good quarterbacks and two very different quarterbacks. How are you able to help them do what they do best?
RW: Coach Scott and I have been working together for almost 14 years now so we're always going to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of our quarterback and the strength and weaknesses...

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