QB Throw Test: 30 for 30

April 30, 2016

Quarterback Conditioning / Accuracy Test

30 Throws
15 right / 15 left
Must be completed in 3:00 min
Must give a "set-go" to WR before they start route
Must use proper drop indicated for each throw
1st 4 throws are rapid fire; "catch-throw" timing

Test combines various types of throws, tempos, pocket/movement, will 100% challenge cardio fitness.

RPO/Bubble Game
1. Left smoke
2. Left hitch
3. Right hitch
4. Right smoke
5. Left: 3 step slant
6. Right: Hitch (6 yds)
7. Left: Dig (15 yes square in)
8. Right: Glance / skinny post route (7 steps)
9. Left: Whip route in slot
10. Right: Outside vertical / streak route
11. Left: Slot: Circus route (10-15 sideline)
12. Right: right to left shallow route
13. Left: Playaction to the right: Outside Post
14: Right: Comeback 14yds-12yds
15: Left: Naked left (fake right) Bench route (18yds-15yds)
16: Right: Inside vertical vs. 1 high safety
17: Left: Inside slot flat route (roll to 6yds)
18: Right: Playaction to the left - Rolling Dig (15-18yds)
19: Left: Slant & Go (pump fake)
20: Right: Naked right (fake left) - Flood route (roll 15-18)
21: Left: Dropback, step up, scramble left, throw falling out WR
22: Right: Dropback, step up, scramble right, throw drag by WR
23: Left: Dropback, step up, spin out, hit WR in flats
24: Right: Outside out (rolling 8-10)
25: Left: Outside streak/vertical
26: Right: Placation right - Crossing route by TE (right to left)
27: Left: Playaction to the right, step up, find your back
28: Right: Drive route to back in flat (1st read)
29: Left: Comeback (14-12yds)
30: Right: Slot wheel route