Qore Warm Up: 180 Rotation

March 21, 2016

Intro warm up drill, where our QB is going to "check his vitals."  Purpose of this drill is to slowly warm up hip, chest, shoulder & bicept.  The science behind this drill is very specific, and although it is one of our more simple drills - it has the highest chance of being rep'd incorrectly.

  1. Rotate 180 degrees
    QB faces partner.  Normal should-with-part stance.  QB should hold ball in comfortable position.  Keeping feet firmly in place, rotate & point front shoulder to target.
  • 0% of your logo should be showing, QB's entire front body should be pulled back
  • Negative front shoulder.  We want to have a slightly negative front shoulder - which will cause our back end to raise.
  • QB should feel slight stretch of chest & hip.
  1. Release
    Turned toward the target, the QB is now going to release the football from his "cradle" position.  The PATH & POSITION of the football are critical.  The QB simply wants to take the ball from the "cradle" position, in one efficient motion to his "ready" position. This "ready" position is NON negotiable.  The elbow MUST be above 90 degrees!
  • Front shoulder should remain low & not raise up.
  • Keep a loose wrist, do not squeeze the ball.  At times, wiggle the ball with your wrist - ball should be in fingertips never in palm.
  • Chin should be on front shoulder - eyes should remain on target.
  • Goal would be to have tip of ball, facing imaginary wall behind us.
  1. Rip
    Rotate 180 degrees & release the football to your partner.  The ball should have 50% velocity.  This is a diagnostic check on QBs angles.  As QB begins throwing motion - it begins with opposite "chicken wing" OFF arm.  This "RIP" action should be circular and drive down (smash the imaginary glass behind you) with your elbow.  Simultaneously - your throwing arm should come through completely, having your throwing hand touching your opposite pocket.  

Summary: Basic warm up that is not only starting the mechanical sequencing for the shoulder & bicep, but is also a "check" for QB's on the angles that they throw the ball from.  QB & Coach should pay specific attention to:

  1. Pointing front shoulder with a negative front end.
  2. Having zero wasted motion from cradle to ready position.
  3. Elbow at ready position above 90 degrees.
  4. Ripping front "chicken wing" down.
  5. Rotating 180 degrees on throw, finish hand to opposite pocket.