Ring Around the Rosie : QB Workout

March 20, 2017


Have 3 Quarterbacks & want to get a good workout in w/no WR's available?

Throw, GO, walk back.  Try to keep walking / stay on schedule.  Alternate between Quick Game - Down the Field - Playaction or OTR (on the run).

20 Throws; Should Take 25 min.  All parties will be very "gassed" 

Always good for QB's to run routes; so they start to deeply understand releases, tempo, foot patterning.  Gives them perspective.  Also for young QB's, cross-trains them at WR, in case they will not be starter.

Below is current Minnesota Vikings Quarterback (Taylor Heinicke) & future NFL Free Agent (David Washington).

Washington; who was the Old Dominion starting quarterback in 2016; was ODU's 3rd leading receiver in 2014 during Heinicke's senior season.  Great example of cross - training the top athletes on your team.